Yoga Ball – An Alternative to an Office Chair Or Fitness Machine

yoga ball

Yoga ball exercises are one of the most important yoga exercises and are considered as one of the most beneficial exercises to strengthen core muscles, improve flexibility and balance. It is used as an alternative to the standard yoga mat as it provides additional support while performing certain poses. It is also called the yoga ball, yoga sweat suit, yoga sock, yoga body glove, or Pilates ball. It is designed to provide extra support, stability, muscle control, strength and range of motion.

An exercise ball chair is a large ball made of soft plastic, usually in 5-inch increments, filled with water and equipped with a spring or hydraulic valve stem. The water fills inside the ball with air and is transformed by removing a valve cap and then filling with air, either by inflation with air or by allowing the ball to deflate naturally. This transformation allows the ball to be used as a platform for a variety of postures and poses such as standing forward folding chairs, seated forward folding chairs, and even using it for foot and leg extensions while sitting on a chair.

Improving Number Of Conditions

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Using these chairs has helped improve a number of conditions including neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, wrist pain, improper alignment of the spine, back pain, arm pain, fatigue, and more. Most people prefer sitting on these balls rather than lying flat on the floor to take a seat, which often promotes bad posture. Sitting on these chairs allows you to be more flexible because the spine is supported. A firm cushioning layer between the spine and the chair allows for optimal circulation of blood and oxygen.

The chair will also increase your comfort because the thick cushioning layers and the stabilizing mechanism will help to reduce the pressure on your spine. When you sit in a yoga ball chair for an extended period of time, you will experience increased stability and less stiffness.

A good office chair may look cool but if it does not provide adequate support to your spine, it is not worth spending money on. It’s not hard to find an ergonomic office chair that provides support and comfort. Look for a chair that has low back and seat height adjustments to accommodate your individual needs and budget.

Improving Your Balance

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Yoga ball chairs can also help improve your balance and help you to move around more easily. Balance is essential to maintaining health and wellness and increased mobility allows you to move around more easily. You will have more range of motion when you are sitting on the ball chair rather than trying to move around on your tummy muscles. You will also notice that the position of your feet on the chair will change as you practice yoga exercises.

You may have already been performing certain yoga exercises without the advantage of an exercise ball. If you have not been doing the exercises in a yoga ball chair, now is the time to start. Your doctor or physical therapist can help you select the best exercise ball for your needs and recommend the best yoga ball chair for your home.

Review Note

One reviewer notes that he prefers the Hologic Insanity (aka HOT) yoga ball over the standard foam office chair he had previously purchased. The anti-burst ball seems to do a better job of keeping the spine supported during long hours of seated position than the foam office chair.

One reviewer notes that he usually experiences a slight crunch when completing his yoga exercises. This review is from a male who is 6’2″ and weighs 250 pounds. The reviewer notes that he does not get soreness in his neck nor does he have any back problems.

Wrapping Up

Yoga exercise balls can be found at most local retail stores. You can also find a large selection online. There are many companies that make and sell exercise balls. Some even offer free shipping and a money back guarantee. You can use the ball for your yoga exercises or just simply roll around to loosen up after a long day of work.

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