What Types Of Exercise Rope Pull Should You Try Out

Exercise Rope Pull

To improve your body’s strength and conditioning, exercises including wave exercises, battle ropes, and of course rope pulling exercises come into play. Rope pulls help you strengthen your arms, back, legs while regulating your heart rate. These exercises also give you the luxury of targeting specific muscles by changing positions as you exercise. To achieve the objective, rope pull exercise may be done standing, seated, halfway kneeling, or even in the plank position. Intensity of the exercise may be altered by the number of times the rope is wrapped around the anchor. We discuss some exercise rope pull you should try out.

Standing Pull Down

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This rope pull exercise works your arms, laps and core. Although easy, it may be made more challenging by wrapping more rope turns around the anchor. After wrapping the rope tightly around an anchor over your head level. To perform the standing pull down, you position yourself in a high squat position, keeping your chest up while holding back your behind. With one hand, pull down on the rope driving your elbow down. Simultaneously, reach up to the rope with the other hand, then repeat the motion. Continue the motion whilst alternating both arms. Do not lean forward to grasp the rope. Engage your back, abs, and maybe legs while pulling. To get the best of this exercise, make sure not to pull down the ropes with both hands.

Standing Chest Pulls

Being a hybrid of Back Row, this exercise is ideal to strengthen your grip, biceps and back. Standing Chest Pull allows pulling with your legs, making it easier than pulls. To do this exercise, the anchor is situated around your chest level. Wrap the rope around the anchor, then position yourself in a high squat, with your chest kept up and your butt pushed back. 

To engage your back and biceps, reach out to the rope and pull with your chest kept out and shoulders relaxed. As you drive your elbow down, reach out with the other hand and repeat the motion. Do not use both hands to pull at a time; instead alternate both arms. However, to engage your core and legs, wrap more rope turns around the anchor to make it more challenging. Then shift your weight from side to side as you pull on the rope. You shift your weight to the pulling arm, leaning forward a little, then rotate to the other side as you alternate to the other arm. 

Other Rope Pull Exercises

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Other Rope Pulls to try out include:

  • Standing Lateral Pulls;
  • Standing Hip Hinge Pulls;
  • Half-Kneeling Pulls;
  • Half-Kneeling Lateral Pulls;
  • Seated Shoulder Pulls;
  • Lateral Plank Pulls;
  • Front Plank Pulls;
  • Reverse Plank Pulls.


Rope pull exercise works to strengthen your back, biceps, legs and core, while also keeping your heart rate regulated. There are different exercise rope pulls to try out. Some of them are discussed.

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