Weight Training And The Alpha Body

Weight Training And The Alpha Body
Weight Training And The Alpha Body

For centuries, the human body has been a source of attraction and inquisitiveness for scientists, researchers, and their ilk. They would ponder for hours how to improve the performance of the human body and raise it to superhero levels. The Greeks with their warriors and the Romans with their Gladiators gave us a glimpse of what a superhuman training regime could do. The Roman Legion too had a ferocious reputation of being extraordinary warriors. All this never came easy. These individuals were trained almost to the point of breakdown. Though the training methods may seem too crude compared to new age standards, these became the benchmark on which the modern training methodology stands. One of the most sought after training methods is the usage of weights for weight training.

Weight training has been around for years. With the advent of technology, these methods have only become more sophisticated. The modern gym boasts of the latest training equipment and training techniques and trainers have certification before they can even think of guiding their wards. Let us look at a few basic weight training steps that can go a long way in establishing a fit and healthy body.


Weight Training And The Alpha Body

This is necessary since before the start of exercising the body is a bit rusty and would need to become flexible enough. There are many ways in which one can warm up. Jogging, the treadmill, a quick 30 minutes of cardio at moderate intensity are some of the great ways to get the mood going. One can stretch after the weight training because then it would be more effective.

The Main Workouts

  1. Remember to start slow, if you are a beginner. If building muscles is your objective, then it is imperative to slowly build it rather than try to become an overnight star. Injuries are extremely common while weight training. And this happens because of two reasons: Lack of proper guidance and overestimating one’s strength. Get hold of a trainer who would guide you towards achieving your goals. Also, write down your goals. The milestones are necessary. This will push you to greater things in a much more structured way.

Weight training happens in sets and repetitions. So you can start with 2 sets of 10 reps each and slowly increase it or do more sets of lesser reps and then balance it once you have the requisite strength and stamina. Do not overdo sessions. If it is a 1-hour session, 3 sessions a week, stick to it. It has been designed keeping your ability in mind. Do not try to be a superhero.

The Ideal Order Of Workouts Is:

Weight Training And The Alpha Body
  • Squat
  • Seated Cable Row
  • Triceps pushdown
  • Lat Pulldown
  • Overhead press
  • Biceps Curl

There are three things to remember:

  • Overload Management or the systematic progress of increasing weight
  • Pre and Post exercise management
  • Diet and Nutrition
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