Weight Training And It’s Amazing Benefits

Weight Training And It’s Amazing Benefits

Weight training has been a fad for centuries. From the warriors of the Greek empire to the Roman Legions, everyone has had a certain fascination towards a fit body. Especially when war and a constant struggle to win was a bitter reality. The Greeks and the Romans were also sports aficionados. Hence, fitness was a way of life for them. The Olympics and the amphitheaters are examples of what a proud race they were, held deep within the desire to excel in whatever they did.

At the core of their competence was a population that was incredibly fit and agile. This came about from a need. These empires seeped in the idea of warriorhood and hence the rule of one-upmanship was prevalent. The effort one took to remain in the warrior mode was commendable. This also spawned a culture of driving the habit of exercising. And of the most sought after methods of exercising was weight training. However, the usage of weight as a fitness tool dated way before that too. Humans pretty early realized the role of weights and how it acted positively to build a muscular body.

Weight training is one of the most popular methods to build muscles. Chains of gymnasiums are built upon the idea to provide practitioners with the latest in equipment.

Weight Training And It’s Amazing Benefits

Let us look at a few benefits weight training provides us with:

  1. Weight training increases your ability to do more physical activity. It improves the capacity to work harder and longer. The resistance of the body towards illness increases and it gets fitter over a period in time.
  2. One of the greatest advantages of weight training is the improvement of bone density. Strength training goes a long way in preventing bone loss.
  3. A fat-free body mass is what most of us look forward to. It isn’t that easy. However, with sustained weight training, this can be achieved. Muscle mass decreases with age. To slow down the process and control it, weight training is one of the most ideal ways.
  4. With weight training, all the connective tissues, tendons and muscles begin to function at peak performance. This leads to improved motor function and decreases the risk of injury.
  5. The human body is primarily psychosomatic by nature. So a healthy body is always advisable for a healthy mind and vice versa. Also, a fit body increases confidence and creates a more positive outlook on life.
Weight Training And It’s Amazing Benefits

However, certain precautions are necessary:

  1. Know your limit. Weights, if not used properly can lead to injuries.
  2. Use a proper regime and do not expect overnight results. Bodybuilding is a lifelong process and takes time. Give it that time.
  3. Wear proper gear while weight training. If you are weight lifting, then never forget to wear the support belt.
  4. Keep oneself hydrated. The water content in the body should not fall.
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