Using The Pregnancy Exercise Ball to Break Water

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A yoga ball helps to increase lumbar mobility. This ball adds strength to your abdomen, back muscles and also stabilizes your body. It gives you better control of your body and also gets you a better balance. This forces the pregnant woman to induce her trunk muscles, which eventually help her increase her core strength. 

Exercising during pregnancy helps with easy delivery, but she needs to be careful with her pregnancy exercise. This ball deflates very slowly and hence there is no scare of the ball suddenly bursting. It increases your balance and stability. You develop full control of your body and also gain strength in your glutes, legs, abdomen, and core by performing pregnancy exercise with ball.

Are Exercise Balls Safe for Pregnancy?

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  • If you have never exercised on a ball before you were pregnant, then it is better to do so only under the guidance of a personal trainer.
  • These balls are very safe for a pregnant woman as they do not slip away easily.
  • If practiced caution, exercise balls can help a pregnant woman with lots of benefits.
  • There are some exercises on the ball which may not be right for you.
  • You need to perform only those exercises that are safe for a pregnant woman.

Pregnancy Exercise with Ball

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Once you are fit and feeling active, you can use a birthing ball to perform various exercises that can help you with your labor and delivery. You can also use the birthing ball to help you strengthen your body during postpartum.

  • Bouncing Exercise

You need to bounce on a birthing ball for a few minutes very gently. This will help to improve your stability and balance. It will also strengthen your legs.

  • Hula Hoop Exercise

This exercise helps you strengthen and tone your core muscles. You need to sit on the ball with your hands on the hips. Then, gently, rotate your hips in a circular motion as if you are hooping. 

  • V-Sit

In this exercise, you need to lie on the floor on your back. Then, slowly raise your legs and ankles and rest them on the birthing ball. Next raise your upper body, until you get into a V-form. Your hips should be on the floor. This position is an ideal delivery position. Practicing this on the birthing ball will strengthen your legs and abdomen. You need to hold on to this position for 5 counts and then relax. Repeat 15 times.

  • Overhead Ball Squat

Stand in the position as if you are squatting. Keep y our feet at a shoulder-width distance from each other. Now hold the ball in front of your body. Bend your knees and squat gently as if you are sitting on an imaginary chair. As you are squatting, raise the birthing ball over your head. Hold on to this position for 5 counts and then relax. Repeat a few times. This exercise helps to strengthen your thighs, abdomen, arms and legs.

This way, pregnancy exercise with a ball is very useful for a pregnant lady. It can provide a lot of comfort during labor and delivery. It can also help relieve back pain, pelvic pressure and also helps to shorten your labor time. Furthermore, you can use it after your delivery with more intense exercises to get back into shape.

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