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Urban Fitness And Our Daily Routine

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Urban Fitness And Our Daily Routine

Daily Living

Urban lives are dotted with missed deadlines, traffic snarls, daily chores, extended meetings, and late-night home returns from office et al. Urbanites are living a mechanized life where the only sense of sustenance is the ubiquitous smartphone. Fitness is either relegated to a once a week activity or a dream that could never take off. Similarly, as professionals, it becomes imperative for us to look after our health. And amidst the rat race, what seemingly becomes impossible, suddenly gets a proverbial silver lining. That is why, in this article, we discuss urban fitness.

And the source of such a miracle is a place which no one had ever imagined. The office. The workplace, where we spend more time than our homes, has also become the place for sustenance. Organizations, mindful of employee performance and health, have started to drive the idea of health first. A subculture within the urban setting has begun to spawn. Similarly, more and more companies are tying up with health clubs and gym chains to provide to their employees an opportunity to get back into shape.

Urban Fitness And Our Daily Routine

Individualist Goal

But, this should not only be the prerogative of the companies that employ. Fitness needs to be an individualistic goal. A mantra that has to be followed. It has to be factored into the daily routine and followed as a medicine. A lifesaving drug.

Statistics tell us that annually the rate of cardiovascular failure deaths has risen manifold. One of the primary reasons for this is stress. And secondly lifestyle. A total lack of fitness has taken a toll on the urbanites. To curb this menace a much larger campaign has to be started, making it mandatory for every city dweller, to be fitness conscious.

Fitness First

Our daily lives are a mash-up of myriad shortcomings and the entire effort is directed to fix them. In doing this, we tend to overlook ourselves and way silently get sucked into the rabbit hole. It should also be known that fitness is not just an exterior or a physical thing. It is as much a spiritual and an emotional ride as much as it is a bodily one. Hence, all the aspects of the human body, the mind, the body, and the soul need to be taken care of. They are also interlinked. We are psychosomatic creatures. Our emotional health is linked to our physical health and vice versa. Both have to be equally fortified to forge ahead in life.

Urban Fitness And Our Daily Routine

The human body is a wondrous machine. However, it needs to be nurtured and looked after. Only then will it be able to give you positive results. Take control of it now. Before it is too late.

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