Three Cool Down Exercises For Runners – The Most Important Part Of Your Workout Is Your Core

cool down exercises

After all, cool down exercises aid to bring down your heart rate, stabilize your body temperature, and prevent dizziness. Aside from, cool down exercises also help to reduce the build up of lactic acid, that helps to prevent tightness and pain in the muscles, aids in flexibility and mobility, and also prepares you for the next workout. The most common form of cool down is known as the three-minute walk. This method is effective for runners and overweight people, but anyone who is overburdened or fatigued may also benefit from this method. For those who are already using a treadmill, a stationary bike or an elliptical machine may also aid in performing this exercise.

Relax The Musculature

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The purpose of this exercise is to loosen and relax the musculature of the lower chest and ribcage, as well as the abdominal wall and internal mammary glands. This allows for the body to become more flexible and move the ribcage and chest muscles more freely. It also helps in improving and maintaining the posture of the body. To do the stretches, it’s important to first loosen the muscles of the arms, then torso, then hips, and finally, the knees.

The torso stretch is one of the most basic and effective cool down exercises for the shoulders and arms. With a straight arm in a stretched position, cross the arms over one another and then bend the elbow at the elbow’s joint. Bring the arm back to the original position. Repeat this stretch ten times.

Lateral Raise

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Next is the lateral raise, which is effective for both the arms and the shoulders. To do this stretch, hold dumbbells in front of the knees at shoulder width, bend the arms so that they are facing each other, with the palms of the hands facing outwards. Let the arms hang freely and then raise each arm towards the opposite shoulder. Repeat this exercise ten times.

For the upper body, there are a couple of stretches that will help loosen up the hips, buttocks, ribs, and the neck. To start, use a slow, steady motion to press the heels of the feet against the floor, then raise your buttocks straight up towards the air. Lower the body back down and repeat the exercise.

Hip Flexor Stretch

Next is the hip flexor stretch, which uses the quadriceps to extend the hamstrings. To do this stretch, sit on the edge of a chair and place one leg on the edge behind you with the knee facing towards the front. Now bring the opposite leg up as high as you can, pulling the hamstring into the leg and hold on to the extended leg for a couple of seconds. Then return the legs to the original angle and repeat.

Another cooling down exercise for the entire body is the hamstring stretch. This stretches the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and glutes, allowing each muscle to lengthen and relax. To do this stretch, stand with your feet hip distance apart, then lean forward onto the floor a bit. Keep your back straight and slowly lean backwards until the muscles have relaxed fully, then return to the starting position.

Ending Lines

These are just a few of the good cool down exercises that you can do to help trim those fats. By doing these stretches regularly and at least two or three times a week, you will find that you can increase your metabolism and burn more calories during your normal workout routines. A healthy, toned core is a key to running an effective, low impact workout that tones up and stays fit. So find out what a good cool down routine is and start using it today!

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