The Workout Routine That Creates A Killer Body

Fitness the ultimate goal of every individual. A lack of it can lead to debilitating health conditions. Health, once lost, is extremely difficult to recover and hence it becomes a prerogative for all of us to remain healthy for as long as possible. There are umpteen types of workouts that an individual can do to keep themselves healthy. Outdoor activities like running, walking, sprinting are some of the most intense kind of workout routines. Freehand exercises are also in vogue and are a must to maintain the flexibility of the muscles and the bone structure of the body. Let us have a quick look at a few workout routine options that one can indulge in to keep a body functional, healthy and fit.


The Workout Routine That Creates A Killer Body

One of the oldest forms of exercising, running has been a part of mankind’s regime for millennia. The muscles become flexible, the bone structure gains strength and the most important feature of running is that it is one of the best cardiovascular exercises ever. Running elevates the mood, helps in loss of weight, is a great tool to fight depression, relieves stress, the list is a pretty long one. If one is in the habit of running daily, it needs to continue, no matter what.


The Workout Routine That Creates A Killer Body

Stand with your feet shoulder length wide, toes pointing out. Engage the core, keeping your shoulders down and back all the while holding the head in a neutral position. Now squat down, squeezing those glutes. Come up halfway, lower the back-down, and then lift again. Benefits of squats are many.

  • They build muscle
  • Burn calories
  • Improves flexibility manifold
  • Helps increase mobility and balance
  • The heart and the lungs are the greatest beneficiaries of squat


Begin with your hands placed slightly more than shoulder length. Spread your fingers out to maintain balance. Get on your toes and do a toe push up, making sure that the butt is tucked in. The neck needs to be tall and the core tight. Come down and return to the top. Perform on the knees too.

Benefits of a push up are many:

  • Increases the functional strength of the body
  • Stretches the muscle for health and vitality
  • Enhance cardiovascular activity
  • Increases the whole body muscle definition


The Workout Routine That Creates A Killer Body

Begin the same way you would start a push-up, but keeping the forearms on the floor, pointing out. Keep the legs straight and lift the body with the help of the core. Keep it there, keeping the glutes and core tight. There are a few modifications, to the plank. You can lift the legs alternatively to turn it into a spider plank.

Benefits of the plank are myriad

  • Strengthens the core
  • Heightens the metabolism
  • Reduces the back pain
  • Enhances the bone and joint

Work out routines are of many types and one needs to be aware of what may suit them.

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