The Fitness First Mantra To Get You Back On Track -

The Fitness First Mantra To Get You Back On Track

The Fitness First Mantra To Get You Back On Track

Mind Over Matter

Mind over the matter has an age-old adage. With this philosophy, sages of the yore have performed herculean tasks, which were condemned as insurmountable. Hermits have traveled thousands of miles in search of the truth. Some found it, many kept on searching till the end of their lives. Whether they found it or not is a discussion for another time. What needs to be told is that behind their extreme focus and dedication lie an untold truth. This is where the fitness first mantra comes in.

A fit mind and an agile body. The pilgrims of the past practiced their ancient arts and created a body that would endeavor extreme hardships, both manmade and natural. This led to the building of some of the greatest monuments of our times as well as some of the greatest discoveries. Walking through some of the harshest climes on the planet, these seekers and discoverers, faced odds, we can only imagine. And yet history is filled with their achievements and pursuits.

The fitness first mantra has seemed to catch on with the modern world too. The new-age travelers, though having access to some of the most modern forms of travel, comfort, and communication, so still seek out the thrill. And they can succeed is because of the focus they put on their abilities and skills. Skills are practice-based and can only be enhanced when the body can cope with the rigors of it. Here comes the concept of fitness.

The Fitness First Mantra To Get You Back On Track

The Key To Success

A fit body is a key to every success. It not provides you with the basic strength and stamina to carry on for long but also helps you build an agile mind. The human body works weirdly. It is psychosomatic by nature. So if emotionally one is touching the abyss, the body too goes for a toss. It is applicable vice versa too. So to create a fortified mind, one has to build a wall around it. Make it bulletproof.

Fitness does not always mean an expensive gym with an annual subscription and specialized equipment. It is helpful no doubt, but not the be-all and end-all. The objective of fitness needs to be articulated first. The best weight training, to begin with, is to use two of the handiest objects at hand: Gravity and your body weight. They work wonderfully when used in a combination and wisely.

Once the body is strong enough to endure greater weight then can we look for higher goals. However, to achieve higher goals, smaller milestones have to be set keeping in mind the Fitness First mantra.

The Fitness First Mantra To Get You Back On Track

The world is full of distractions and only those who have been mindful of their goals will be able to sustain the pain and achieve greatness.

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