The 7 Minute Workout That Changes Lives

The 7 Minute Workout That Changes Lives

The 7-minute workout is for those who may not be able to afford more time. However, it is also not a miracle worker. The 7-minute workout is also called a HIIT or a High-Intensity Interval Training. The primary objective of this routine is to work the muscle groups in short bursts and then let it expand during the short quick breaks or intervals. But this an exhaustive routine and requires stamina to complete. The 7 Minute workout is considered to be a cardiovascular exercise since it involves numerous aerobic workouts and influences the heart and the lungs. It improves the coordination of the body as well as strengthen it.

Let us look at the exercises that are part of the 7-minute workout:

Jumping Jack

The childhood classic, Jumping Jack has been around for years. Who would have thought then that jumping with legs wide apart and hands circling over the head would have such a profound effect on our health? It does. This workout works the core and strengthens the lower back. It also improves balance.

Wall Sit

Now if you think this is easy, try it for 30 seconds. The pressure that is created by the wall on the back strengthens the lower back as well as the core.

The 7 Minute Workout That Changes Lives

Push Up

The ancient art of the venerable push up can never go out of vogue. It is the perfect example of combining bodyweight and gravity. The core gets a thorough work out and so does the arms. There are quite a few variations to the push-up but for HIIT, the basic one works just fine.


Ah, the abs. Those washboard abs that you so wanted. They do happen suddenly. Working the core is one of the hardest elements of any fitness regime. The crunches influence the core directly while also increasing the flexibility of the hips and the spine.


Another ancient exercise that has retained its relevance even under the onslaught of modern training techniques. The squat, like the push-up, is also combining the body weight and gravity and working the legs muscles out, mainly the thighs. The spine and its adjoining region are also worked upon. Studies show that squats also improve metabolism. However, care should be taken to do it correctly and keeping the posture straight.

The 7 Minute Workout That Changes Lives


How can any High intensity work out be complete without the legendary plank? This exercise involves the core, the thighs, and the spine. It is the freehand equivalent of swimming. Planks are a must if the core has to be strengthened and a 60-second plank routine does wonder to the physique.

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