Tabata Workout: Work Up A Sweat And Feel The Burn

Tabata Workout: Work Up A Sweat And Feel The Burn

Gym training has evolved over some time. It has taken into consideration the body type, the limitations and the kind of muscle group that needs to be focused upon, rather than following the horses for courses routine. One of the outcomes of this revolution is what we call the HIIT or High Intensive Interval Training. These are not long winding gym sessions but quick bursts of activities to get the adrenaline spewing. They give the entire body a thorough work out and can essentially be termed as cardiovascular activity. That is why, in this article, we talk about the fantastic benefits of doing a Tabata workout.

Tabata has its origin in Japan when Dr Izumi Tabata developed this technique while researching how to train the Japanese Speed Skating team. His research found out that Tabata improved both Aerobic and anaerobic capacities of the body by at least 20%. That would mean, the improvement was not just limited to burning fat and strengthening the muscles but giving the cardiovascular system a vigorous rigmarole too. An all-round shakeup in the true sense.

Tabata is a rule base work out regime. It consists of 8 rounds of 20 seconds each, followed by 10 seconds of rest, amounting to a total of four minutes.

Let us have a quick look at all that makes up a Tabata HIIT regime:


You start with the squats. Let those leg muscles and the core get a look in. You stand with your feet wide at shoulder length. And then go all the way, as much as possible. The idea is to go in deep, to allow the lower back muscles to flex. Now, come back to your initial position.

Tabata Workout: Work Up A Sweat And Feel The Burn


Next up are the crunches. The abdominal region along with the core gets squeezed by those sit-ups. Follow a few rules:

  • Do not interlock fingers behind your back
  • Your lower back needs to be placed still on the floor


The other word for this would be the high knees. You jog with your leg going up a bit more than usual. It also needs to be a quick jog and not a leisurely one.

Need to remember here that, you need to maintain a good posture at all times, so as not to exert extra pressure on the neck and spine

Front Lunges

The thigh, the lower back, and the core get a work out with the forward lunges or front lunges as they are called. Certain precautions are necessary:

  • While lunging forward do not extend your knee any further than possible
  • Keep your shoulders directly over your hips
  • This is essentially a core exercise so keep it engaged.
Tabata Workout: Work Up A Sweat And Feel The Burn

Burpee with Push-Ups

Now, this is ideally an advanced Tabata work out but can also be added to the mix. Precaution needs to be taken that the spine is kept throughout the exercise set. Also, it is pertinent that this exercise is completed with as much control as possible.

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