Swimming And The Joys Of Water Sports

There are some exercises that are easy and low impact and yet the benefits that the body derives from it are immeasurable. And swimming is undeniably the top sport of that list. It is a sport where the practitioner, using his or her hands and legs, travels through water. However, while doing so, the resistance the body faces against water enables it to become stronger and robust. This activity comes with a host of benefits and in this article, we are going to find out what all they are.

Swimming And The Joys Of Water Sports
Swimming And The Joys Of Water Sports

However, before we delve any deeper a few words of advice, as always:

  1. To get into the water, alone, and then realizing you do not know how to swim, is something one has to avoid. Please remember, while water thrills, it can also assist in drowning.
  2. Know your limits. Any exercise overdone serves no purpose. Also, it may put undue pressure on the cardiovascular system of the body.

Swimming can be divided into two categories:

Recreational: A leisurely activity with no kind of competition whatsoever. A low-level endeavor simply to alleviate stress and overcome fatigue.

Competitive: The more thrilling category where swimmers compete. To turn a competitive swimmer one has to rigorously follow a ruthless regime. More so, since swimming as a competitive sport, is not an easy proposition. It takes a lot for a body to withstand the constant pounding of the water.

Swimming And The Joys Of Water Sports


There are many benefits to swimming.

  • Keeps the heart rate up and controls stress level.
  • Swimming is essentially a cardiovascular exercise that has a direct bearing on the health of the heart and the lungs.
  • With improved heart rate and breathing ability, there is a definite increase in stamina.
  • Swimming control body mass and weight in turn. This leads to a more controlled blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and cholesterol.
  • Tones every body muscle and gives it an all-round workout.
  • Builds endurance as stated earlier, increases muscle strength and helps in correcting body posture.

There are a few affiliate benefits of swimming too:

  • It relaxes and helps relieves stress
  • This exercise helps in improving coordination, balance, and posture
  • The flexibility of the body improves manifold
  • Swimming is suggested as a low impact therapy for a few injuries. While on rehabilitation, sportsmen are encouraged to swim.
Swimming And The Joys Of Water Sports

Swimming is indeed fun and healthy and if precautions are taken a thoroughly fulfilling experience.

Go swim.

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