Swimming And It’s Extraordinary Benefits

Swimming And It’s Extraordinary Benefits

There is a myriad way to get fit. Some require the gym and many don’t. From freehand exercises to weight training to calisthenics and cardio, a thousand and one techniques are there to bring you back to shape. However, most exercises have limitations. They come with a caveat. However, there is one exercise that fits for all and is also recommended to be a part of every fitness regime is swimming.

There are two ways one can approach this type of exercise:


This is a majority of us who swim to relax and recreate. Recreational swimming is a low impact work out with immense health benefits. Freestyle is the most common style used for recreational swimming.


Some take recreational swimming at a competitive level. They turn this exercise into a sport and the practice becomes more intense and scientific. Competitive swimming comes with its thrill and level of commitment.

Swimming And It's Extraordinary Benefits
Swimming And It’s Extraordinary Benefits

Let us look at the benefits:

  1. It’s some of the best exercises. It keeps the heart and the lungs in good shape as well as takes the stress of the body.
  2. Builds endurance and muscle strength since the primary resistance is against water.
  3. Helps the body maintain a healthy weight and reduces stress levels.
  4. Tones all the muscle groups and strengthens the core.
  5. Swimming is the only exercise which is capable of providing an entire body workout.

Direct Benefits Of Swimming

  1. It relaxes the mind and body
  2. Alleviates stress
  3. Helps in improving balance, body posture and coordination
  4. Improves flexibility
  5. This sport is seen as a therapy for quite a few low-level injuries
  6. Swimming will help you get rid of the heat of the summer.
  7. This sport can be done in any water body provided it is clean and not risky

However, like everything in life, this sport comes with a few precautions:

Swimming And It’s Extraordinary Benefits
  1. Before you take the proverbial plunge, make sure that you know how to swim. Places you can swim are also the same places you can drown.
  2. It is always advisable to select a safe environment. Do not try to swim against crashing waves just to make it look cool. Fighting against nature is not exactly the sanest thing to do.
  3. Before you enter the pool make sure to stretch a little. A rusty body often leads to complicated situations.
  4. Like every exercise, swimming requires stamina. Know your limit. Never overdo. If you think you are done and cannot go any further, you better leave the pool.
  5. Check with a medical practitioner, if you haven’t exercised for long, before taking the plunge.
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