Practice Burpee Exercise to Remain Perfect

Burpees are one of the best strengthening exercises that are not well known. Unlike pushups or squats, burpees are the most challenging exercises that are practised to work with many muscle groups in the body. Burpee exercise consists of two parts including pushups and leaps in the air. Burpees are a versatile form of exercise that can help you in strengthening and providing endurance in maintaining good health by burning more calories and promoting heart health and functioning. Burpees may be considered to be brutal bodyweight exercise, it helps in burning the fats faster. With repeated burpees, you will be astonished to see many muscles working together and helping in your fitness.

Basic Burpee Exercise Procedure

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  1. Have your arms at your side and stand straight. And then keep your back flat, tighten your abs.
  2. Bend your hips and knees slightly bringing the body to the lower position. Make sure you keep your back straight and arms closer.
  3. With hands closer keep it under your shoulders while placing it on the ground hold your arms straight without locking your elbows.
  4. Start kicking back using both feet at the same time. Place them apart equal to your shoulder width. Place your hands on the ground to give support while doing this.
  5. Then from the plank position slowly lower your chest towards the floor to start taking pushups. Place your hands flat over the ground with your elbows in the air and arms closer to your body.
  6. Now start pushing your body off from the floor and jump your feet towards your chest. This is called the frog jump.
  7. With your hands and arms raised over your head, jump straight towards up as high as possible. Now land slowly to the standing position.
  8. You can repeat this process as many as 15 times if you are used to exercising for years. But if you are a beginner then you can stop 5 to 6 times.

Benefits of Burpees Exercise

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  1. Involves Multiple Muscles – It is one of the most effective exercises that work with multiple muscles at a time and helps in total body workout. It will help in strengthening major muscles in the lower and upper body including the shoulder, arms, etc.
  2. Better Heart Health – Burpees are not only associated with muscle training but it’s good for the heart too. It can help in the pumping of the heart, lungs working, and the sweat flowing. To gauge your fitness, burpees will give hands.
  3. Burn Calories and Fat – its best form of exercise is burning the calories and fat faster. Within 1 minute of burpees exercise you can burn almost 15 calories that can help in reducing fat content in the body thereby slimming your body.
  4. Equipment-Free Exercise – Burpees can be trained without any type of equipment which is the great advantage associated with it. So it’s possible to work with the exercise anywhere and anytime and no gym or fitness equipment is needed. You need not miss your comfort and shall practise burpees from home.
  5. Makes you stronger and conditioning – Burpees will help you in strengthening your body muscles from, chest, arm, quads, glutes to abs. Burpees are best in conditioning and endurance and also increase your heart rate. It will help in shaping your body quickly and is good for sportspersons, triathlon athletes, and mountain climbers


Being one of the most powerful, effective, and comprehensive bodyweight exercises, they are associated with many health and fitness benefits. Though exhausting, tiring and challenging, burpees are more effective in giving fitness to your body. It is best for strengthening, endurance and cardio fitness. You can practise burpees by yourself or go for a personal trainer to teach you. In case you are new to burpee or have health-related issues, seek the help of healthcare providers to ensure your safety.

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