Pool Exercise Equipments To Try This Summer

Pool Exercise Equipment

Are you bored with regular gym workouts? Do you want to try some offbeat fitness routine? It would help if you considered some aquatic fitness. You can try a variety of exercises like swimming laps, water jogging, to water aerobics. It’s a great idea if you want to skip sweating in the gym. You can practice both cardio and strength training in the pool with a few pool exercise equipment.

Why Should You Try Pool Exercise Equipment?

To refresh your mood from stale, heavy gym equipment.

Resistance-training in pools gives you unique benefits. The workout is not harsh on your joints. It is also useful for you if you have joint problems.

From underwater resistance training, you can strengthen your muscles. It has benefits similar to weight lifting.

Following Are The Pool Exercise Equipment To Try Next Summer

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1.Water Dumbbells

Water dumbbells are different from typical metal dumbells. These dumbbells are plastic and waterproof foam. Pushing down the dumbbells is difficult. That way, you can practice water aerobics and work on your cardiovascular stamina. With this pool exercise equipment, you can work on numerous muscles like abdominals, biceps, and triceps.

2.Water Fan Peddles

Water fan peddles are plastic tubes with round webbed fans on each end. They are light in weight but create resistance while moving them in water. This pool exercise equipment is useful for chest and abdominal muscles. You should hold these peddles in hand and spread your arm horizontally with the palm facing forward. Then clap the hands in the front direction and close them. Repeat this movement.

3.AquaJogger Belt

Did you know that runners who train in the pool get better cardiovascular training than a treadmill? Yes, it’s true. Just grab your aqua jogger belt to help you be suspended vertically in the pool at shoulder height. Both your arms and legs are free to do exercise. Open-close exercise with legs is best to perform with this pool exercise equipment.

4.Ankle Weights

Ankle weights are like resistant bands that fit around the ankle and create extra resistance.

It has a somehow similar effect on the land also; however, the underwater effect is intense. Some ankle weights can also be used as wrist cuffs or worn on your arms, assisting you with hand-related workouts.

5.Pull Buoy

This pool exercise tool is made up of foam that gives flotation support to the lower body and is designed to hold between legs. By maintaining balance in the buoy, you can focus on upper body training.


These pool exercise equipment are beginner-friendly. No matter what you choose to begin, don’t be intimidated by initial muscle soreness. It will pass over time. Like gym workout, consistency is essential, and it will show wonderful results, so don’t feel hesitation in spending on pool exercise equipment.

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