Leg Workouts That Will Boost Your Muscle Mass

Leg Workouts That Will Boost Your Muscle Mass
Leg Workouts That Will Boost Your Muscle Mass

The most dreaded day on the fitness routine for any gym rat is leg day. It is not only the hardest day on the list but also the most rigorous. However, if done properly it also becomes the most satisfying. That is why, in this article, we discuss some intense leg workouts.

So why is it difficult to exercise the legs?

The leg is a combination of many parts and muscle groups and combining all the groups and create a singular build flow is an enormous task. It requires months to bring the legs to shape and then build on it. It also requires the greatest push since the leg is already accustomed to carrying you. Hence, the weight gain is slow and so is the muscle gain. The leg requires constant slamming and the recovery too is slow. All this makes the leg day and working out a nightmare.

However, a well-endowed leg is what dreams are made up of. Let us quickly have a look at the many exercises that are available to build monstrous legs.

Leg Exercises with no weights but yourself and gravity:

Jump Squats

A part squat and part jump routine, enabling you to not just build muscles but balance too. A useful stamina building exercise.

Bulgarian Split Squats

Take a chair and rest one leg over it, touching the toes only. The leg needs to be used for the squats. A difficult exercise but increases balance.

Pistol Squats

Jut out one leg at 90 degrees and try to squat with the other. This will not just test your sense of balance but also work on your glutes.

Single-Leg Squats

Stand in the same position you would have for a normal squat. Not raise one leg. You can either keep it raised or hold it with one hand. Now using the other leg half squat. Tough? Well, it’s quite natural. Increases the strength of the legs and enhances the stability of the body.

Forward Lunge

Stretch one of your legs and bend the other. Now squat. The pressure needs to be felt on the inner part of your legs and the lower back. The forward lunges work on the cores as well as the thighs and the calves. However, care needs to be taken that the exercise is done properly otherwise there is a possibility of an injury.

Leg Workouts That Will Boost Your Muscle Mass

Leg Exercises at the Gym

The Barbell Squat

With the barbell across your shoulder, make a half squat. It works on the legs and the cores.

The Dumbbell Lunges

We have seen the forward lunge. Now get hold of a dumbbell in both the hands and start lunging forward.

The Leg Press

Lie down at 45 degrees and press against a plat holding weights, with both your legs. Try to push it with all your might. Make sure you do not overstress yourself.

Leg Workouts That Will Boost Your Muscle Mass

Lying Leg Curls

Lie on your stomach and hold the handle with the back of your ankle. Now press it forward. This is akin to hand curling.

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