How To Use Rope Ladder For Exercise – Beginner Tips

Exercise Rope Ladder

Humans usually get bored after doing something continuously for a while. Even freedom, and doing nothing can be boring sometimes. That’s the human tendency, so you don’t have to worry if you are not enjoying your exercise anymore. So, you must mix up and challenge yourself with something interesting every time. This will help you stay focused and motivated as a beginner or pro. You can include Rope Ladder exercise to burn more calories and make your workout routine interesting.

Rope ladder exercises can improve your speed and agility if you remain consistent. Let’s read more about the drill and how you can see it for various workouts.

Rope Ladder Exercise For Weight Loss

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Rope ladder is great for building stamina and speed. This is a fast-paced workout which is why you can do this as your warm up exercise and get your heart pumped up. It also adds strength to your joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. This drill is specially chosen to improve agility and speed. Agility is the coordination of your body with your mind, the quick switch from acceleration, decelerate to changing direction. So, there is no doubt you will lose weight more significantly and notice a difference just in a few days.

Rope Ladder Exercise Improves Speed & Quickness

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Including rope ladder in your workout routine too often will improve your focus. Not just that but also your speed, your fast paced moving in one direction improves. It also improves your quickness; you will be able to change direction as quickly as possible. Rope ladder workout not only modifies your workout but also enhances your fitness level, making you look stronger physically. You can combine this with weight training, yoga, Pilates, dance, sports and everything.

Agility Workout With Rope Ladder To Try

There are few combinations of exercises that you must try as soon as you get your hand on the rope ladder. Its fun and draining at the same time, you will shed your extra pounds in no time. Perform the drills in two sets, in each move down and again shuffle back to the top.

One foot in one square – this is a very common drill, but to perform it efficiently you need to start slow in the beginning. You must keep one foot in one square and by lifting up your knee, you have to move toward the end. Then slowly pick up the speed and lift your knees high to get effective results.

Two feet in one square – this is a little more challenging than the last, but its fun as you move on. Now you have to just keep moving as fast as possible by staying on the balls of your feet. Just like the above, keep your knees high while switching square, to push your heart rate up.


It is important to keep regular at it to notice any progress. Stay strong throughout the workout and finish it with power. You will feel strong every other day and you can beat your previous records.

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