How to Use an Exercise Ball Core Workout

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The core muscles to work harder and longer when you do a proper workout on an exercise ball. Crunches are great for toning your abdominals. But, they are ineffective if you do them on the floor or on a chair. You will find that you do more harm to your back if you use the ball for your crunches than if you do them on a hard floor.

Leg Extension Exercise

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Your whole body is involved in a full body workout using an exercise ball. You do not need weights to strengthen your legs. You can perform a leg extension exercise, a torso extension exercise, leg curls, single knee leg raises, squats and many other exercises without a weight. In a full body workout you use various stabilizers to maintain balance and stability during each exercise.

Strengthening the core muscles will help you with your overall fitness and performance when you do your workouts at home. If you have a flat stomach then doing abdominal exercises will get you there. But if your abs are sticking out, then you need to do some lower back stability exercises. Lower back exercises also help you tone and condition your midsection.

Different Kinds Of Exercise Ball 

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There are many different kinds of exercise ball workout core workout exercises that you could do. One of the easiest is the plank exercise. This is done by lying on your back with your knees bent. You grab the exercise ball underneath your chest and pull yourself up until your chest is touching the top of the exercise ball.

You do not need a lot of equipment for this exercise. You only need enough to do a few reps of the standard crunches. There are several videos that can show you how to do these exercises. Once you master it then you may want to try doing the full range of exercises in a stability ball. You can also try other exercises like the ab roller, which will work harder on your abs and upper back.

You Can Exercise the wall squats 

Another great exercise is the wall squats which will really work your core muscles. This requires no equipment except for the wall. To do this move as normal crunches but only raise your legs to your chest so that they are touching the floor. Then return to your starting position and do another set or reps of 15 without resting.

If you are looking for exercises that will work your lower back then try dead lifts. You stand with one leg in the air and hold on to the edge of the stability ball. As you lift the legs up, you spread your legs apart as if you are doing a crunch. Make sure that you keep your back straight and your arms down by your sides. Then lower yourself back down slowly into a dead lift.

Consider Performing A Burst Resistant Ab Workout

For a great ab exercise that will really work the midsection, then consider performing a burst resistant ab workout. This means that you will use a stability ball in much the same way that you would a traditional ab machine. Take a good ab workout using a stability ball and then switch to doing an ab workout with a standard ball. Do sets of ab crunches followed by bursts of stability exercises. Also, make sure to take the time to warm up and cool down between exercises. By combining these different types of exercises you will find that you have improved abdominal strength and body composition.

Final Words

If you want to get the best results possible, then you should consider an exercise ball for your workout. A stability ball is one of the most effective workout tools for strengthening your core. This is because it forces you to balance on the ball while you are using your stabilizer muscles to do an effective ab workout. Once you master this type of workout you will be able to use the ball for almost any workout and will quickly see results.

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