Exercise Equipment For Seniors – Types Of Essential Training Gear You Must Know

exercise equipment for seniors

The most effective exercise equipment for seniors has to include free weights, cable machines, exercise bicycles, low-impact treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical trainers, and strength training bands.

Free Weights Are One Of The Best Types Of Exercise Equipment

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Free weights are one of the best types of exercise equipment for seniors because they provide a full body workout and strengthen muscles that have been weakened over the years. Two of the best are the upright dumbbells and the rowing machine. An upright dumbbell will give you a full body workout, but is best used with free weight training movements. A rowing machine works the arm, legs, abs, shoulder core, back, and even the lower back. Rowing machines give people a full body workout without the stress on joints.

Another Great Piece Of Exercise Equipment 

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Another great piece of exercise equipment for seniors is an elliptical trainer. Ellipticals simulate running or walking without actually moving from side to side. This helps people keep their flexibility while working out and burning more calories. There are many different models to choose from including models that give a range of workout levels. These are a very popular piece of gym equipment for older adults because they are easy to use and affordable.

Kettlebells are another great way to make your workout routine for older adults fun and incorporate strength training. If you go to a public gym, chances are you will see a lot of elderly individuals doing pull ups and squats. These are effective exercises, but many seniors suffer from weak muscles in their back and arms. Kettlebell training can target back muscles, improve muscle tone, and strengthen bones. Not only do kettlebells look like weights, they actually feel like weights when the weights are carried over the shoulder.

Arm Lever Sets

Another popular piece of exercise equipment for seniors is arm lever sets. An arm lever is basically a pair of resistance rods with handles attached to the end. The handle end picks up resistance as the user exercises the muscles in the arms and back. People usually use them for pull ups and bicep curls. These tools give you a full body workout and will help strengthen weak muscles in your arms and upper back.

It’s important to consider what the American College of Sports Medicine recommends as part of your exercise routine for older adults. You should get more than enough exercise each week, at least five hours, if not more. If you’re not physically active, you will not be healthy and will suffer from numerous health conditions. Activity is very important to your mental, emotional, and physical well being. Activity is especially critical for maintaining muscle tone and strength.

Bottom Lines 

Finally, if you want to exercise with low-impact exercises that still give you good results, then you might want to consider using a yoga mat. Yoga mats are inexpensive and you can use them at home or at the gym. A yoga mat provides firm support for your body while you stretch and strengthen your muscles.

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