Exercise Ball Stretches To Treat Sciatica Effectively

exercise ball stretches

Exercise Ball Stretches To Treat Sciatica Effectively

In any sciatica exercise program the main purpose is to relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve and thus alleviate the pain. This can best be done by stretching and strengthening the muscles, especially the core muscles, that is the lower back, the abdominals and the hips. The stretching also has the added benefit of increasing blood circulation to the area bringing in more oxygen which helps with healing.

Choose Your Exercise Ball Stretches And Exercises

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There are many exercises to choose from when setting up an exercise regime. You need to employ those exercises that will have the most benefit for your particular situation. This should be setup with a professional, such as a physiotherapist. Before you begin any of those exercises there is a low impact warm up stretching routine that you can try to help you get the most out of those exercises.

The Warm Up Stretching

This routine is accomplished with a large exercise ball also called a balance ball. The exercise ball or balance ball will work the core muscles if used correctly. The whole point of the exercise, as the name says, is to balance yourself on the ball. One exercise is to lie on the balance ball on your back and stretch backwards, curving your spine in a backward manner. This position can be held for several minutes, but in the beginning you will probably want to limit it to a minute or less and work your way up. You will feel the stretch on your lower back, but you should stop immediately if there is intense pain.

The Forward Stretch

The other commonly utilized exercise on the balance ball is, you guessed it, the forward stretch. You lay on the ball on your stomach. The forward bending will gently stretch out the spinal vertebral discs and the spacing between them and help relieve some of the pressure on the sciatic nerve. By working with the exercise ball you can help improve the pliability of the spinal column. The exercise or balance ball is also important in the area of improving body stiffness that has been brought about by years of incorrect posture when standing, slouching when sitting or back bent forward in the chair or just from years of inactivity. The balance ball will help to improve your body’s range of motions.

Exercising Your Core Muscle

The core muscles of the body are worked by just the forward or backward bending over the ball. As the muscles are stretched out, they react by strengthening themselves to combat the new forces that are being exerted upon them. The abdominals are improved to help hold their weight so it doesn’t transfer to the lower back muscles. And the back muscles are strengthened to give better support to the entire core and trunk.

Advanced Exercises

As you improve with your balance on the exercise ball and your core muscles strengthen, there are other more advanced exercises that can be done. One of these involves using your hands and feet that are touching the ground, while laying either on either your stomach or your back and slowly turning yourself in a circle, first one way then the other way, while still managing to keep your balance.

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