Exercise Ball Crunch Activities That Can Keep You Brisk And Healthy

exercise ball crunch

Exercise ball crunch is a piece of trendy gym equipment used in various exercises because it makes it even more useful. It helps a person to work and target different body parts, especially the abdominals. Doing crunches using a ball helps increase the range of motion and stretch and contract the abs on every repetition. That is too far more than doing it on the floor. The exercise ball crunch can help perform low repetitions with a slower tempo, which focuses on a hard contraction or higher repetitions. It is one of the top best selling fitness equipment due to its usability, durability, and low price. Given below are the exercises that you can perform using an exercise ball crunch.

Abs Exercise Ball Crunch

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Using an exercise ball crunch is one of the most effective ways to strengthen, flatten, and tone the abs. It can be very beneficial and comfortable for your spine because it can be quite challenging to do it on a hard floor, also because it helps to perform the movement more precisely. It helps to increase the lower back’s strength, support the spine while performing the exercise, promote better posture, and prevent lower back injury. You can perform your exercise 12 to 12 times on it as a beginner. As you gain more strength and experience, you can increase your pace and repetitions.

Exercise Ball Crunch – Donkey Kicks

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It is a very challenging and tough exercise to perform because it works on the entire torso. It helps to tone the waistline, flatten the abs, and strengthen the lower back and spine, so we can prevent any injury. It requires whole-body movement and also shapes the arms and legs. Using a ball to perform this exercise can be very beneficial. When you perform it on a hard floor, you can quickly get tired, and your knees might hurt, resulting in distortion of the posture. So, it is better to do it on an exercise ball crunch.

Exercise Ball Crunch – Gym ball Pec Squeeze

This exercise is perfect for beginners. You have to stand tall while holding the exercise ball crunch between your elbows. Remember to keep your upper arms parallel to the floor. Now, squeeze the ball as if you were using a regular pec deck. Please do it for at least 20 seconds, and then take a rest for 60 seconds. Repeat these steps five times. We can do this exercise six days per week at the maximum. It is essential to take one day off. It helps to make your chest and arms more robust and more prominent.


An exercise ball crunch is no less than an investment for your fitness equipment because it strengthens every body part. If you would like to keep your body fit and would not like to invest much in the gym equipment, you should be checking out this exercise ball crunch. A few minutes of exercise with this will help you stay brisk all day. However, we advise you to not stress yourself too much on the first day.

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