Exercise Ball Ab Workouts – Three Sets To Target Your Lower Back

exercise ball ab workouts

Ab workouts using exercise balls are especially useful because they make exercising safe and easy. Exercise balls are also known as stability balls, and they are specifically designed for exercises that involve balancing on them.

Exercise ball ab workouts are especially useful for people who have to sit for long hours in front of a computer, or those who are constantly on their feet. Abdominal muscles become tight when you sit still for long periods of time, and this makes it hard for your abdominal muscles to work out efficiently. The best exercise ball ab workouts start with basic crunches, which are actually better for your upper body than other kinds of crunches done without them, because muscles in your back and other vital areas of your body aren’t too tense.


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Crunches that are performed on an exercise ball make your back muscles strong and flexible, because they are harder to hold on to during a crunch. You can use exercise balls for core workouts because you can do your crunches while sitting, standing or walking. This makes it more challenging, but it’s more fun. Another thing that makes these exercises more fun is that they strengthen your ab muscles while strengthening your core muscles at the same time. This results in better abdominal strength, as well as more toned abs.

Exercise ball exercises also help you achieve a good starting position, because they require you to sit down with your back straight. This gives your abdominal muscles a good starting point to work out. Also, good starting position exercises give you a better range of motion compared with flat crunches. To work out your abs without using an exercise ball, you need to lie on your stomach in a fetal position and use the balls to keep yourself lifted and to provide stability as you perform the crunch. Doing this exercise without good support for your back can cause injury.

Benefit From The Stability And Durability

There are many different kinds of exercise fitness ball ab workouts. One way to make your ab workouts more effective is to vary the position in which you do your crunches. The stability balls can be used to provide stability as you do your crunch. You can also vary the angle of your legs as you do your exercises so that you can increase the resistance that you’re putting on your abs to work out better.

The main focus of exercise ball ab workouts should be the abs. Other parts of your body will benefit from the stability and durability that these balls provide, too. Your legs and feet will also be put through a workout as you do the crunch in this position. These exercises will keep you on your toes. The stability of this equipment is essential in your workout routine, especially if you’re doing these exercises at home or if you’re not going to a gym.

Target Your Quads And Your Stabilizer Muscles

If you’re looking for exercise ball ab workouts to target your quads and your stabilizer muscles, you’ll want to look into the stability ball roll out. You can do this by sitting in a chair and pushing off from the floor on both your forearms and one leg.

You should move in a smooth motion with your body staying relatively still. You should roll each arm out to the side until the muscles of your back are contracted. Stop at the knee joint and hold for three seconds. Do this three times.

Final Words

Doing exercises like these are a great way to work the abdominals and your lower back without causing you any type of injury. You may experience some discomfort in your lower back or some aches and pains in your hips, however if you stay with it you’ll be fine. These exercises will keep your spine strong and prevent any future injuries. In order to prevent lower back pain from occurring, especially in your lower back, you should focus on keeping your spine strong. You can do this by working your core muscles through exercise ball ab workouts.

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