Everything You Need To Know About Weighted Ball Exercises

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Weighted Balls, designed to improve muscle mass and overall sports performance, come in varying sizes and are available up to 150 pounds. Also known as Medicine Balls they are used to throw and catch in fierce movements, these movements help in building up muscle mass. When choosing a ball, you should be very careful. The ball should be a perfect balance between being heavy as to slow down your movement, but being not-so-heavy as to affect  your control and accuracy adversely. They are cost effective and very easy to store and the best way to amplify your exercises for strength, and endurance. Always remember to warm up for at least ten minutes before starting your workout.10-15 reps should be enough in a single move, or as many as you can do to the best of your ability.

Full Body Workout using Weighted Ball Exercises

Lunge With Overhead Press

  • Press your legs together and use a lightweight medicine ball for this workout.
  • Use both hands to hold the ball near to your chest.
  • Bend your right knee and pick up your right foot from the floor.
  • Hold this position for a few seconds before performing a lunge.
  • Now bring the ball back to your chest.
  • Now move into the starting position and repeat using your left side.

Lunge With Twist

  • Stand with your feet apart and relax your shoulders.
  • Hold the medicine ball in your hands and extend them forward in front of you.
  • Perform a Lunge with your right leg and keep your knee from sliding forward.
  • Engage your core and make sure that your thigh is parallel to the floor.
  • Now rotate your body to the right and also move your medicine ball to the right.
  • Then return to center and don’t break form from your lunge.
  • Now, break formation and repeat the entire exercise using your left side.

Rock and Roll-Up

  • Sit down with your knees bent.
  • Hold the medicine ball in your hands with your hands fully extended.
  • Now pull your knees in and then engage your core to move into a squat.
  • After that pull yourself into a standing position.
  • Now, slowly move back into a squat.
  • Lower yourself on the floor and repeat the entire exercise.

Squat Press and Throw 

  • Stand with your feet apart.
  • Hold the medicine ball in your hands near to your chest.
  • Get down in a squat and hold yourself there.
  • Once your legs are bent at ninety degrees jump up and throw the ball straight as high up above as you can.
  •  Remember to get yourself out of the way once you throw up the ball so that you don’t hurt yourself.
  • Now wait for the ball to drop in the ground and repeat the entire process.

Reverse Swing

  • Perform this exercise very carefully as a single mistake could hurt you badly.
  • Stand with your feet apart and hold the ball to your chest.
  • Make sure that your elbows point downward.
  • Sit down in a squat and then reach for the medicine ball back between your legs.
  • Swing the ball backward in such a manner that it gets behind your back and neck.
  • Make sure to not throw the ball backward and all the while keep your abs tight and your arms and legs extended.
  • Throw the ball backward for extra exercising and repeat all the above steps again.
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