Desk Exercise Equipment – Buying Guide That Helps You Perform Better

desk exercise equipment

The last three or four reps is what makes the muscle grow. This area of pain separates a champion from someone who is not a champion. And to be a champion, one requires sheer dedication and determination to keep oneself healthy and fit. The following article will be presented to you in four parts: treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, and home gym, the desk exercise equipment

Desk Exercise Equipment – Treadmills

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If you are an average runner, the speed offered by most of the machines, which ranges from 0 to 10 mph, will sound good, but if you are a serious runner, you might like to go as high as 12mph. Go for one-touch speed buttons, which are easy to access while running.


One can either choose a model which inclines the machine with a mere touch of a key or choose a manual one.


Treadmills offer control and feedback and display it in the front of the screen of the treadmill. However, the layout and the features of it varies from machine to machine. It is highly recommended to find the information which is needed by you. The basics provided by all of the machines are speed, running time, and distance traveled. However, one can go for more advanced features like the heart rate. Calories burned incline or even something like workout history.


Look for a motor which offers an excellent continuous- duty rating as this ensures a workout of the maximum quality. Continuous- duty rating indicates the motor’s right continuous horsepower.


Double-check the measurements of the place you are thinking of placing your treadmill in. There is even an option of desk treadmill available which lets you work while running, with its magnetic component of keeping the laptop or any work-related stuff ahead of your treadmill.

Desk Exercise Equipment – Handrails

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Look according to your preference between side rails and a front-facing handlebar.

Belt and deck

Ensure that the deck is long enough that it can contain your longest stride. A wider belt of at least 14 inches is preferable.

Elliptical Machines


A quality elliptical should offer a smooth yet frim motion.

Stride and pedal size

The ideal stride length should be a minimum of 17 inches.

Control panels

The case is the same as treadmills. However, the user should know that the more the features, the more the cost.

Upper-body workout

Choose a machine that offers an upper-body workout to you if you are inclined towards a perfect whole body workout.

Grip pulse sensors

It helps maximize the effects of the workout and helps the users achieve their peak fitness levels.

Desk Exercise Equipment – Stationary bikes


The user can either select the traditional upright stationary bike’s seating or a stationary recumbent style to provide extra back support to a laid-back rider.


Electronic resistance models help one change the resistance as much as one likes.

Control panels

Spend on the features as much as your pocket allows.

Heart rate monitors

Prefer this to maintain an optimal level of heart rate throughout your workout.

Home gyms

Number of stations

Consider the space available. Most home gyms can accommodate upto three users.

Number of exercises

Choose a machine that allows for a more significant number of exercises. You can add diversity to your gym by getting multiple machines.

Total resistance

It is an essential factor. For instance, a 100-pound stack can provide as much as 150 pounds of total resistance.


What hurts today makes one stronger tomorrow. Wake up every day with the same determination, and you’ll conquer your body.

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