Cardiovascular Exercise For Healthy Living

Cardiovascular Exercise For Healthy Living
Cardiovascular Exercises For Healthy Living

Fitness is an all the year-round activity. The body needs to be kept fit and healthy to let it able to function at peak capability. Given the rat race that we are a part of, this becomes essential. Erratic lifestyle, constant pressure, anxiety, and stress add to the overall distress and the body slowly and surely begins to lose its tempo. To ensure that it does not collapse, one has to be extremely particular with health. It is an asset that cannot be played around with. Once it is lost, there is no return. That is why, in this article, we talk about the benefits of cardiovascular exercise.

The world of fitness has evolved along with the advent of science and technology. Newer forms and methods have appeared, depending on the needs of the ever-demanding practitioner. One of the most important forms of exercises is Cardiovascular exercise. It focuses on the cardio region as well as the pulmonary system. The heart and the lungs are the primary recipients of this form of fitness regime. A cardiovascular exercise is important in the sense that it improves the functionality of the heart as well as that of the lungs. Both the flow of blood and breathings gets a boost if done properly.

Let us have a look at some of the cardiovascular exercises that will help you keep your body in shape.


Nothing beats the good old running. It is one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise. It not only increases the heart rate but also improves breathing. That is because the lungs expand while you run. This increases the capacity of the organ. Running also helps in controlling excessive body fat. Once that is done, blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol can be kept within limits.

The muscles are tones, especially that of the legs and there is a definite increase in the flexibility of the body.


If running is not your style, then walking surely is. Walking for 45 minutes every day does the same thing that running does for a mile. It is also less strenuous but effective nonetheless. Walking has the same effect running has on the body.


The third of the holy trinity of cardio exercises, Swimming is a low impact high return fitness routine. It exercises almost every muscle group as well as works well on the heart and the lungs. Swimming strengthens the muscular-skeletal system and keeps the body fat in control. It also helps alleviate the mood of the participant. Swimming helps counter depression and anxiety and build an overall positive environment.


Squat and jump and squat again. Burpees is one of the new age cardiovascular exercises that has caught the attention of the fitness enthusiast. This helps in maintaining balance and coordination. It also tones the core and strengthens the legs and the back.

Cardiovascular Exercises For Healthy Living

Jumping Jack

The Jumping Jack is something that we have known from ages immemorial. Jump with your hands circling behind your back and the legs widespread.  Repeat till you wish to move to the nest exercise. It has the same effect burpees have. And it is fun.

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