Cardiovascular Exercise And Healthy Living

Cardiovascular exercise is that which directly has a bearing on the health of the heart. These exercises are designed in a manner that they can improve the functioning of the heart and the lungs. Furthermore, the cardiovascular system works in combination with the pulmonary system or the lungs.

There are quite a few exercises which can be termed as Cardiovascular Exercises. Let us quickly have a look at them:

Cardiovascular Exercises And Healthy Living


One of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise is running. It is a high Impact high return exercise which helps the fitness practitioner in more than one way.

Running increases stamina. The lungs expand while the heart rate goes up. This helps in improving the functioning of the entire cardiovascular and pulmonary system.

Similarly, running helps control body fat. This has a cascading effect on the way the body control blood pressure and blood sugar.

There is scientific evidence which proves that running alleviates stress and reduces depression.

The leg muscles along with the core are toned and the back is strengthened.


If running puts you off, one can walk. It has been proved that walking for 60 minutes every day has the same effect as running a mile. The advantage of walking has overrun is that it is not as strenuous as the latter.

Cardiovascular Exercises And Healthy Living


Swimming is one of the best cardiovascular exercises. It is an all-round exercise routine which works upon all the muscle groups of the body. It not only improves the heart rate and expands the lungs but also alleviates stress. Due to the vigorous work out the muscles undergo, the total body fat also gets burnt.

Jumping Jack

It is a simple exercise where one has to jump with the feet wide and the hand circling over the head. This is a high impact exercise since the bones and the joints get directly impacted. Jumping Jacks work wonders on the lower back and the legs. Similarly, it improves the stability of the body and improves posture.

Cardiovascular Exercises And Healthy Living

Jumping Rope

It is similar to the jumping jack but with a rope. One of the greatest takeaways of the jumping rope is that it improves coordination. The core also gets worked upon. Because the movement of the hand holding the rope, the shoulders and the back are also exercised.

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