Cardio Workout And The Benefits Of A Lifetime

Cardio Workout And The Benefits Of A Lifetime

One of the main aims for any cardio workout needs to be to improve the wellness of the body. The cardiovascular and the pulmonary systems of the body are the engine rooms. These rooms ensure that the machine is fully functional and running at peak performances over a larger period in time. The new-age fitness regimes focus on this aspect a whole lot more than it used to be earlier. Hence, an entirely new system of exercising has evolved: The Cardio Workout.

Be it for sports or bodybuilding, recreational or competitive, a cardio workout is always a part of the system. A cardio workout mainly focuses on improving the breathing of the practitioner and increasing the ability of the heart to function at an elevated level. The direct result of this increased stamina. Once the body reaches a position where it can keep putting in relentless work, the goals become even easier to achieve.

Let us have a look at some of the cardio workouts that one can indulge to improve their fitness:


A jump and push up combination, this exercise increases the heart rate and also improves the balance of the body. Burpees are also effective on the core.

Jump Rope

Similar to Burpees, the Jump Rope helps strengthen the muscles around the ankle and reduces the chances of injuries. The core gets worked out.

Jumping Jack

A simple routine involving jumping and landing on your toes with hands stretched out and then straight up in the air in the alternative jump. Works similar to Jumping Rope and the Burpees.

Squat Jumps

While Burpees dealt with a jump and a push-up, the squat jump involves a jump and a squat. Is a rigorous exercise since it involves the leg, twice over. Works well on the core, the lower back, and the thighs.

Cardio Workout And The Benefits Of A Lifetime


Unlike Martial Arts, which is less aggressive and more nuanced, kickboxing is an absolute ruthless sport. It is also a proven cardio workout exercise since a lot of movement is involved.

Running The Stairs

Those who abhorred the stairs and waited for the lift, all through their lives, this one is for them. Running the stairs or simply walking up is considered to be one of the best cardio workouts. It is simple and requires no appendages. All one needs to do is run or walk up or down.


Jogging or running is excellent cardio exercises that can help the practitioner in numerous ways. Not only improves the heart and lung function but reduces body fat, alleviates stress and keeps in check blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol. 30 to 45 minutes of brisk walking to can provide with the same benefits.

Cardio Workout And The Benefits Of A Lifetime


One can try dancing too. Works in the same as jogging or running. The advantage is that you get to learn a new discipline.

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