Bird Dog Exercise Benefits And The Methods Of Doing It

bird dog exercise benefits

The bird dog exercise is one of the simplest core exercises that helps a person to bring improvements in stability, encourages a neutral spine, and helps in relieving lower back pain. Also, the bird dog exercise benefits you in strengthening the hips, core, along back muscles. Also, you will be able to promote your posture state along with the increase in range of motion. People of all stages, from seniors to kids, anyone can perform it. You can try this exercise to align your spine properly and to recover your lower back pain. Below you will find out different bird dog exercise benefits that will help you in improving your body in several ways.

Methods Of Doing The Bird Dog Exercise Benefits

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Both the athletic trainers and physical therapists make use of this amazing bird dog exercise. This exercise will help you in building low back function well as it engages both your back and core muscles at a particular time. This exercise will help in reducing low back pain and is a safe exercise if you have suffered from a recent back injury. Good spinal ability and a strong core are human’s requirements that will aid you in day-to-day tasks when you need to bend your twist or body.

Erector Spine Muscle is the focus target of the bird dog exercise. This muscle helps you in extending the spine length, from the neck, skull, ribs to the vertebrae and sacrum of the hip. This exercise helps in extending, flexing, and rotating the spine.

The bird dog exercise move also includes the Maximus gluteus muscle of the buttocks area that helps in raising the leg. When you raise the arm, you engage your upper back trapezius muscles and deltoids muscles of the shoulder.

Meanwhile, other muscles of the body get involved in stabilizing the body motion. For stabilization, it includes muscles like hamstrings on the back portion of the thigh, the gluteal muscles, the obturator externus of the hip, the piriformis, the pectoralis, the serratus muscle of the chest along the upper arm triceps.

The rest of the abdominal muscles perform as an antagonist to the erector spine, including the rectus abdominis and the obliques.

Common Mistakes While Doing Bird Dog Exercise Benefits

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Watch your proper form when you try doing the bird dog exercise. If your chest sinks down, then your shoulders are going to be very close to your ears. In order to check if your posture is right, then ask somebody to place a plastic cap on your lower back. I the cup falls down, then you need to work a lot to attain the right posture by extending one leg or one arm at one time.


Mainly, the bird dog exercise benefits you by strengthening your lower back along with making your body strong overall. Bring some improvements in your body by practicing this exercise on a daily basis or on alternate days.

Share your views with us if you have tried this exercise with consistency.

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