Best Stability Body alignment and Cardiovascular Fitness Ball Size Chart

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Many women feel self-conscious when it comes to their body shape and they want to know what the perfect ball size is. There are ways to tell if an exercise ball is the right size or not. The ball itself cannot be too small or too large because it will not provide the support and the muscles in your abdomen and lower back will become stressed. You also need to consider the stability of the ball because as you grow, you may find that your movements are not as smooth as they should be.

Tips For Ball Size Exercise

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If your thighs are sticking out above your knees, you already know that the ideal exercise ball size is one that has your thighs parallel to the floor. The perfect exercise ball size for you would have your thighs in line directly with your hips. For this method to really be accurate, however, the exercise ball must inflate properly. To do this, using a bathroom mirror, look down at yourself in the mirror while you are sitting on the balls and note the exact height at which your thighs stop pointing straight toward the floor.

Exercise Balls With No Taping 

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If you do not have trouble standing on your tiptoes, there are exercise balls with no taping that are an excellent choice. They provide excellent stability and support for any type of workout program. These exercise balls work great for working muscles and can help increase your stability as well as strength. Your exercise ball size chart will show you that one inch of thickness is the perfect amount for these types of exercise balls. When purchasing your own, make sure you purchase one that has some give. This means that it will roll down with ease on a slight incline.

Another factor to consider when using your exercise ball size chart is the weight capacity. These balls are not meant to be used by small weightlifters. The majority of the people who purchase them are actually using them to tone down their legs. The higher the load that you put on them, the lower the load they can withstand. For people who are very skinny, this may pose a problem.

Exercise Ball Size Chart

If you are shopping for a yoga ball, you can use an exercise ball size chart to guide you in selecting the right size ball for your needs. There are numerous different kinds of yoga exercise balls. Each one will give a different feel when used for different workouts. If you plan to purchase several of them to have varying workout levels and purposes, try to get the ones with the same loading capacity listed on your exercise ball size chart.

Many people mistakenly believe that the diameter of the size ball refers to its weight. This is only partly true. The load-bearing capabilities of the size ball refers to the stability of the ball itself. A larger diameter increases the load-bearing ability of the ball because it is harder to roll it around without losing stability. A smaller diameter makes the ball more stable and allows for more weight to be placed on it. Make sure to balance your goals between the two sizes before purchasing a size ball.


If you are looking to lose weight or tone your muscles, you should consider an exercise ball. Exercise balls are the best way to improve your level of exercise. They offer great low-impact aerobic exercises that can increase your heart rate and improve your body posture. By using therapy balls, you can increase your health and fitness while avoiding the risk of injury.

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