Benefits And Uses Of A Medicine Ball

medicine ball

A medicine ball is a weighted ball that is specially made for exercising. It is used in various forms of exercises mostly in strength training and plyometrics. The most common use of this ball today is to develop muscles, coordination, balance and flexibility.

The following are some uses of the medicine ball:

Rehabilitation Exercises:

Medicine Ball

A Medicine Ball can be used in both hands when you’re recovering from an injury or surgery, especially on the upper part of your body. There are different kinds of movements that make it quite effective with athletic injuries, rotator cuff injuries, ACL knee injuries, hamstring pull etc. Lower body rehabilitation exercises included squats with weights on each side of the leg or single-leg squats while standing on one foot.

Aerobic Exercises:

Medicine Ball

A medicine ball can be used for aerobic workouts, which are very useful in maintaining cardiovascular fitness and improving the stability of the muscles of the lower back, shoulders and hips. The use of your core is very important when you’re doing aerobic workouts with a medicine ball so it’s important to focus on tightening your stomach muscles while exercising. Instead of standing in one place, move around if possible by taking short steps in various directions so that it’ll also improve your balance.

Strength Training:

This type of medicine ball training includes things like push-ups, planks, rotator cuff exercises etc where you lie down flat on your back or stand up straight with feet shoulder-width apart, then lift the ball above your head or straight out in front of you letting it go down slowly.

Stretching Exercises:

Stretching exercises with a medicine ball are very effective especially for the lower back and hips, hamstrings, shoulders and other major muscle groups which usually tighten up after a workout. It can also be used to stretch the abdominal muscles while lying on your back by putting a ball between your feet. This can be done to increase strength, stability and balance while also increasing flexibility at the same time. The best thing about using a medicine ball during these exercises is that you get an increased range of motion when stretching compared to just doing it on its own. Getting into a position has never been easier where this type of exercise will allow you to stretch your muscles while also gaining strength.

Core Training:

Medicine balls are also very effective for core training and developing the abs while doing sit-ups, crunches and other exercises that can help strengthen and develop abdominal muscles. A medicine ball will allow you to exercise more efficiently and effectively by putting increased resistance on your upper body which will result in achieving a better workout than just using weights or some other forms of exercise without it. It is considered one of the best ways to get results when it comes to core strengthening because this type of training combines total bodywork with plyometrics.

Yoga Exercises:

The use of a medicine ball during yoga positions is where you’ll be able to increase your balance, flexibility and posture. There are different types of moves where you can do yoga poses with your feet pressed into the ball or you can even lie down flat on your back then place the ball underneath the arch of your back to help release tension in your lower body.

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