Basic Exercises For Advanced Exercise Ball Routines

exercise ball routines

Using the ball during your workout makes your core stronger, which leads to more energy and stability. Below are some basic ball exercises you can do to tone up your entire body.

The first thing you need to do before starting your exercise ball routines is to understand your core. Many people confuse their abdominals with their lower back, which leads to muscle imbalances and other issues. By focusing on your abdominals during your simple exercises, you can develop proper posture, improve your balance, and strengthen your core. The secondary benefit of utilizing an exercise ball for your daily routine is that it also strengthens your lower back muscles while you strive to maintain your balance on the ball.

Strengthening Your Abdominals

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Your first order of business when developing your exercise ball routines should be strengthening your abdominals. This is a key step since it gives your back a better chance to keep you upright and prevent injuries from occurring. One way to do this is by having a physical therapist perform a full range of motion back crunch. Once your therapist has you in the proper position, he or she will slowly pull you up and begin squeezing your stomach together until you feel a mild to medium stretch in your lower abdomen. You should be able to maintain your upper body’s weight as you perform these stretches, which means you should be sitting up at the top of your pelvic tilt.

After working your abdominals, you can move on to your chest. Some people think this is an inferior body part to work, but by incorporating the right exercise ball routines, you can work your chest muscles into your workout routine with ease. Most of the time, your workout routine will require you to arch your back so your triceps can perform the pressing motions. The trick is to not arch your back, just lean forward slightly at your waist, and you will notice your triceps expand out and contract. This will tone your chest muscles.

Core Strength

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Core strength is also important when performing exercise ball routines. This is particularly true when you’re trying to lose weight or maintain your current size. The abdominals and triceps will not give you enough support if your center of gravity is shifting forward due to excess fat. If you’re looking to strengthen your core, there are many workouts you can perform, but the key is to work out with correct form. Other core muscles such as the oblique and lateral core can be worked in separately as well, so don’t mix up your workouts.

Your next step for creating the best exercise ball routines for your body type is to get your feet flat on the floor. To do this, lay down on the floor, with your legs together, knees bent and hips loose. You should be able to see your toes and fingers.

A Medicine Ball Or An Elastic-Type Ball

Next, get a medicine ball or an elastic-type ball, and position yourself so that your forearms are directly under your shoulders. If possible, move your arms to the sides, but if not then make sure that your forearms are close to each other. Now perform a basic muscle strengthening exercise, and once done, slowly rotate your wrists so that your forearms are now on the same side as your shoulder. Do the same for your biceps.

Finally, you need to understand that when you are performing these types of exercises, your body does not have the freedom to rotate as freely as it does when exercising free, so you must also compensate. Keep your head and pelvis in alignment with the ground, but don’t lean too far forward.

Final Words

Hold the exercise ball in your hands, making sure that your elbows are perpendicular to your body, elbows facing down. Perform the basic muscle exercises on the ball, while rotating your hips so that your pelvis faces the floor. Then, rotate your torso again, but make sure that your head and shoulders are still aligned with the floor.

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