Arm Workouts: Building The Physique Of Your Dreams

Arm Workouts: Building The Physique Of Your Dreams
Arm Workouts: Building The Physique Of Your Dreams

You have always dreamt of those monstrous arms jutting by your side. Every visitor to the gym will at least once during their routine will flex their arms, whether the arms are being worked upon or not. Such is the obsession; mankind has with kingly harms. The arms are consistently working throughout the day. They get used to most of the weights. Hence, to get them to host those bulging biceps and shaped triceps, extra effort need to be provided.

Look at the exercises people are indulging in:

The Dumbbell Shoulder Press

We begin with some warm-up style weight training. The shoulder press with the dumbbell is to get the blood flowing and the body warming up. This will also pull the muscles out of the slumber. The Shoulder Dumbbell press works on the shoulders and the spine while also influencing the triceps.

Resistance Band Shoulder Press

This is an extension of the dumbbell press but with greater resistance.  The resistance band by its very nature creates a greater force and hence a more rigorous workout of the said muscle groups happens. The triceps get a better work out with the band.

Arm Workouts: Building The Physique Of Your Dreams

Dumbbell Triceps Kickback

When you bend and push the dumbbell back the triceps get exposed more. The force thereby which acts on the triceps increases manifold. Care should be taken as to not extend the hand backward beyond a point, otherwise, the elbows will get injured.

Resistance Band Triceps Kickback

The same action needs to be repeated with the resistance band now. The effect will be greater since the force required to extend the band is higher.

Arm Workouts: Building The Physique Of Your Dreams

Dumbbell Bicep Curl

Standing still, with dumbbells in both the hands you curl it towards your chest. Fully extend the bicep by doing the movement slowly. The posture needs to be correct since an incorrect one can injure the back.

Resistance Band Bicep Curl

Repeat the same exercise with the Resistance Band. Care should be taken to firmly grip the band and also to check for any lag happening. The greater the force required, the more the build.

Dumbbell Side to Front Raise

Hold the dumbbells and raise your arms sideways, shoulder height, the dumbbell pointing downwards. Now bring the arms in front and let them touch each other.

Resistance Band Side to Front Raise

The same routine needs to be done with the band. Keep the posture correct to maximize the effect.

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