9 Best Exercise Equipment For Legs

exercise equipment for legs

Exercise equipment for legs is quite common in the market. In fact, it’s almost expected nowadays to see a gym with several pieces of exercise equipment for legs. It’s usually placed in one corner or sometimes, even in front of the machines as if it’s an added bonus to make you look smart and fit. But are these machines really worth your money? Well, that all depends on your goals and what you’re looking for.

Elliptical machine This type of equipment is popular with people who want to strengthen their legs and back. Some may find these exercises to be repetitive but this equipment offers a full body workout plus toning of the muscles. Elliptical trainers are usually recommended by fitness experts because of its convenience and ability to target muscles and burn fats in the body. Elliptical trainers can be purchased in almost any gym but the best model would be the Reebok Easytone which offers great features and a unique design.


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Squats This is probably the most famous piece of gym equipment for legs that has helped many athletes train and improve their athletic performance. Although it’s not really considered an exercise, squats can strengthen the legs and improve their balance and coordination. You can try squatting anytime and anywhere. Most popular squats are the ones that involve only using the legs while working the core and abdominal muscles at the same time. You can use squats to lose weight, tone your muscles and increase stamina.

Reebok Easytone – One of the best gym equipment for the legs available today is the Reebok Easytone. The Easytone features a high quality construction, durable design and powerful motor to offer a safe yet effective workout. It’s built-in ergonomic platform and durable components provide the most comfortable workout possible.

Step Machines

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Other exercise equipment for legs like rowing machines, exercise bikes and step machines are also available. These machines give an all-over workout. They can also be adjusted according to your preferences in terms of resistance and speed. These fitness machines allow users to develop upper-body strength and cardio-vascular endurance. Machines like rowing machines are not only good for increasing cardiovascular fitness but they can also help increase the muscular strength of the legs.

Step machines – This kind of exercise machine allows users to simulate the action of walking or running. By simply pushing the steps with your feet, users can get an excellent cardio workout. Step machines also include a handlebar that lets exercisers do a simulated sprint. This type of machine is not only good for developing leg strength but it can also be used to improve cardio fitness.

Remote Control Units

If you are not satisfied with the traditional form of exercise equipment for legs, you should invest on a good home unit that lets you use a remote control to change the resistance and speed of the machine. Many units also allow you to do exercises with two hands and some even let you add weight to give a full body workout. Most remote control units for home come with an LED display that guides you through the various steps. Some even let you do workouts in different positions like sitting and standing. This type of machine lets you exercise your entire legs without doing any squats.

Summing Up

In the market are home versions of commercial gym equipment as well. If you want to develop strong legs, you should buy a quality home equipment. You can find exercise machines that let you do leg exercises as well as other aerobic exercises. With these machines, you can have an effective workout anytime and anywhere.

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