7-Minute Workout: Challenging And Exciting

Exercise Science is an intellectually driven fascinating bit of a study. It just does not deal with the physique but the entirety of the anatomy. However, out of the whole jamboree of information, you would still want a filtered version pointing out only the necessary bits. This necessary bit will tell you what exactly needs to be done to improve your health and overall fitness. The 7-minute workout is one of those outputs which has been of immense help to millions around the globe.

Let us look at the 7-minute workout and the muscle groups they help us tone and develop.

7-Minute Workout: Challenging And Exciting
7 Minute Workout: Challenging And Exciting

Jumping Jack

It helps strengthen the legs and provides stability to the body. The cores also get worked out due to the jumping. Injuries to knees and ankles are also minimized due to the strengthening of the associated muscle groups.

Wall Sit

With the wall as support, you sit in a similar posture as you would on a chair. This helps the thigh muscles as well as the lower back and the spine to an extent to become stronger.


One of the most multifunctional of all exercises, the pushups work for both the arms, the back, and the chest. This is a must for all fitness practitioners. Pushups also increase stamina and help them develop their core muscles.

7 Minute Workout: Challenging And Exciting

Abdominal Crunches

With legs bent, try getting up and touching the knees. This action will not only put pressure on the spine but will enhance the flexibility of the hip, the lower back muscle group. However, the muscle group that gets influenced by crunches

Step Up Onto Chair

It’s like a march but on a chair, one leg at a time. Or the other variation where the starting point is standing on the chair and march one leg down, at a time. Helps improve stability, as well as strengthens the legs.


Similar to pushups, the squat is also a multifunctional exercise. It helps improve the thigh muscles as well as the core and the back muscles.

Tricep Dips

Try to hold on to some high surface. Place your palms and face outwards. Stretching your legs, bend your elbows so that there is pressure on the triceps. One of the easiest ways to tone the triceps.


7 Minute Workout: Challenging And Exciting

The third of the important multifunctional exercise, the plank is like the manna from heaven. It helps strengthen the cores, and also develop the back muscles. The spine strength gets influenced through the plank.


With one leg forward at a time, you bend pushing the body forward a bit. This helps in strengthening the thigh muscles, the lower back, and the cores.

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