3 Different Full Body Rope Cardio Exercise That Will Leave You Sweaty

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Locked at home in a pandemic and nowhere to go to the gym. Try these rope cardio exercises as an exercise tool for a full-body workout. 

Remember that rope we use to play tug of war in the school. That same rope is a tool to blast extra calories and build muscles. If you try a little harder, you will find every second thing around you as a medium to exercise. For example, a bucket full of water to replace the dumbbell, the shelf of your room for pull-ups, etc. 

Similarly, rope cardio exercise is a great alternative for many gym equipments from head to toe. Here are five different ways you can perform rope cardio exercise at home and have a full-body workout. 

3 Full Body Workout Rope Cardio Exercise

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Before you start swinging and start with rope cardio exercise, make sure that you anchor the rope around a heavy kettlebell, railing, or weight machine. 

Jumping Power Slams Rope Cardio Exercise

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For this rope, cardio exercise stands with feet shoulder-width apart facing the anchor in a quarter squat. Hold the rope tightly in both hands at each end. Lower down into a proper squat position with your arms extended and explode into the air, jumping high while you raise both hands overhead. Forcefully slam the rope onto the ground in wave motion when you land softly on the ground. Do 3-4 sets, repeat for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds. 

Squat To Shoulder Press Rope Cardio Exercise

For this rope cardio exercise, lower down in a squat position and as you back up, simultaneously press the ropes overhead and straighten your arms. Then in the next step, as you sink back into a squat, lower the ropes back to the tops of your shoulders in one fluid motion. Do 3-4 sets of this rope cardio exercise, repeat for 10-20 reps, and then take a rest of 1 minute. 

Alternative Wide Circles Rope Cardio Exercise

For this rope, cardio exercise stands in a shallow squat with feet hip-width apart. Grip the ends of the rope in each of your hands. Hold the rope tightly from the core and move each rope out to the side in a circular motion. Complete this circle by bringing your arms in front of your body. Do 3-4 sets of this rope cardio exercise, repeat for 30 seconds, and then rest for 30 seconds. 


Rope cardio exercise helps you in building power, strength, and endurance along with flexibility. Along with this rope, cardio exercise is also effective in burning fat fast and toning muscles. However, there is a certain amount of time for performing rope cardio exercises. You should perform each of the following rope cardio exercises for 30 minutes, not more than that, and then take a rest of 30-60 seconds. Minimum 3 and maximum four sets are more than enough daily.

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