100% Working Rope Exercises For Stomach

rope exercise for stomach

Too many unsuccessful attempts for getting a flat and good-looking tummy! Now your wish will be fulfilled as we have brought 100% working rope exercises for the stomach. You can perform these exercises in many ways, like- with the help of resistance bands, tummy trimmer, and battle ropes, or even simple rope. 

Using Battle Ropes

Working Rope

This exercise is known as the landmine drill exercise and it targets your abdominal muscles as well as your core including obliques and lower back. To perform this exercise, take two battle ropes and fix one end with a hook. Now, hold other ends sturdily keeping chest forward, and move it to and fro until failure. Perform three sets of this exercise. It is your choice to hold those ends together or separately. Moreover, if you do it in the correct posture, it will work on your forearms and shoulders and make them muscular. While performing this exercise, keep your feet slightly more distant than your shoulder width. And, during the to and fro motion of rope, keep one foot flat on the floor and the other foot’s ankle should touch the floor. Maintain this in an alternative manner.

Using Resistance Bands

Working Rope

This exercise is especially recommended for women who prefer working out at home only. You need just one resistance band to start your rope exercise for your stomach. It is the combination of two different exercises- seated row and resistance cross crunches. The seated row targets your obliques, back, and lower abdominal muscles. Start by securing the bend, sit down with your legs extended or folded. Grab both the handles. Extend your arms and palms must face each other. Pull the handles back towards your stomach and allow them slowly return. For resistance cross crunches, insert your one foot and alternate hand in the resistance band. Now perform the cross crunches. Perform 18-20 repetitions in a set and try to do 3 sets of this exercise. 

Rope Exercise For Stomach Using A Simple Rope

If you don’t have a resistance band or battle ropes, you can still perform rope exercises with the help of just a simple rope that you use at your home. Take a long rope and cross it through a rod of the window. Now, there are two ends of ropes at your side. Make noose at these ends and insert your feet in them. Lie on the ground with a flat back. Now, take your legs slowly downwards and then upwards. Make sure that all the strain falls on your abdominal muscles. Don’t let it come on the neck or spine. Breath in when you raise the legs and breath out when you take them downwards. As a beginner, we suggest you perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions.


These rope exercises for the stomach are such exercises that you can perform easily without any special training or equipment. Especially, using resistance bands or simple rope, you can perform it anywhere you wish. If you are an absolute beginner, we suggest you do skipping using a simple rope.

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